About Us

Skyker Software

About Us

Skyker Software Skyker Software focuses on providing interesting games to people.
Skyker Software founded in 2006, before that, we published LinLink 3 and LinLink 4 in the name of indie gamer from 2003 to 2005.
Fortunately, LinLink is becoming the most popular puzzle game in China step by step. There are more than 20,000,000 countable downloads of LinLink.

Our Values

One of our core values is that "Do no evil; Do much better".
Therefore we try our best to develop our software for meeting the needs of people around the world.
To each of our users, we say thank you.
To any suggestion, we say welcome.

Our Mission

Our mission at Skyker Software is to consistently provide excellent software and service to our users.
Skyker Software desires to become game provider for worldwide players and hopes that our products can bring happiness to more and more people.

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