LinLink 5

Classic Mode

The Introductions of Classic Mode

The classic mode is LinLink 2/3/4's conditional mode which is well known by numerous players. For instance, rectangular map, having time and life limits, different stages having different move rules.

After passing all stages of the classic mode or failing half-way, if the score satisfies the condition, you will enter the top 10 board automatically.
The classic mode's initial lives and hints are both three times.
The classic mode permits players to change images, tiles, backgrounds and music.

The Operations of Classic Mode

Click the "Classic" button in LinLink5's main menu, you will enter classic mode's menu, which has four options.
As shown in below picture:
LinLink 5 classic mode menu
When you hover over one of the buttons, a tool tip appears containing a detail description.

1. Continue Last Game
   If game is closed or quitted normally, LinLink will save game progress automatically. Click this button to continue last game.
   If the game ends in failure, click this button will restart from easy.

2. Easy Level
   Suitable for LinLink's entry-level players, the tiles total 6 rows of 12 columns, time limit 160 seconds.

3. Normal Level
   Suitable for LinLink's middle-level players, the tiles total 7 rows of 14 columns, time limit 200 seconds.

4. Hard Level
   Suitable for LinLink's high-level players, the tiles total 8 rows of 16 columns, time limit 240 seconds.
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