LinLink 5

Customize Maps

There are 28 map files in LinLink's map directory, they are,…… map file represents one stage in map mode.
Players can edit or add maps with the map editor of LinLink5.

Click "Start->All Programs->LinLink 5->MapEdit" to run the MapEdit:
LinLink 5 MapEdit
1. Add a map
   Click "File->New...",edit it, save it with a name like "29(.map)". Then LinLink's map mode will have stage 29.

2. Change stage sequence
   Open "", save it as "";
   Open "", save it as "";
   Open "", save it as ""
   In this way, and have been exchanged with each other.

3. Edit a map
   Open any existed map,left click to edit it. If the number of the tiles is odd, you will get a hint when you save it.

Attention: If you save the map in odd number tiles, LinLink will remove one tiles automatically when playing.
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