LinLink 5

Customize Themes

Players can define or change LinLink's images, tiles, backgrounds and music. By this way, you can get a new LinLink with new experience.
you can customize a theme for your family, a album for your fondest star, or a theme for your pets, etc.

The following course will teach you some basic knowledge about customizing themes.

1. Click "Start->All Programs->LinLink 5->Theme Directory" to open the theme directory.
You will find "MY_1.ini"(definition file), "MY_1.jpg"(thumbnail) and ""(content file).
You can modify this theme to your personal theme.

Double click "MY_1.ini", open it with the notepad, you will see:
[MY_1] Intro=My First Theme For My Pets\n\nVisit Http:// \nTo learn how to customize a theme.

"[MY_1]" means the content in "[]" must be equal to the file name of this theme.
"Intro=" means theme's introduction,"\n" reprensents a newline.
"BgMusic=" means background music, between different music, use ";". Removing this line means play LinLink's default music.
"Face=" means images on tiles.
"Width=" means image's width, unit pixel.
"Height=" means image's height,unit pixel.
"BigWidth=" means tile's width, unit pixel.
"BigHeight=" means tile's height, unit pixel.
"MaxNum=" means the number of images.
"ShowCard=" means whether show the tiles or not. (=1 show,=0 not show)
"StartLevel=" means this theme start form which level.(=1 easy,=2 normal,=3 hard)
"EndLevel=" means this theme end form which level.(=1 easy,=2 normal,=3 hard)
"ChangeChess=" means whether permit to change images in game or not. (=1 permit,=0 not permit)
"ChangeBG=" means whether permit to change backgrounds in game or not. (=1 permit,=0 not permit)

2. Double click "", you will see "MY_1_1.mid", "MY_1_2.mid", "MY_1.png" and "1_1" four files.
"MY_1.png" is the the image file. You can edit it in Fireworks or other free image editors.
The supported image formats of LinLink 5 are "Jpg", "Bmp", "Png", "TGA", and etc.

"MY_1_1.mid" and "MY_1_2.mid" are background music files
The supported music formats of LinLink 5 are "Mp3", "Wav", "Ogg", "Mid", and etc.

"1_1" is the game's background picture. 1_1 means stage 1 in level 1's background picture.
You can drag other pictures into, and rename them to "1_2", "1_3",..."1_12","2_1",..."3_11", and etc.
If stage 2 in lelve 1 can't find "1_2" to display, the game will display "1_1".
800*600 is the proper size for background pictures.

Change the background music to "Happy Birthday", change the background picture to "Birthday Cake", and change the thumbnail to his/her photo. It would be a nice gift. :)

3. Visit LinLink's Support Forum, we will post some more detail and advanced tutorials.
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