LinLink 5

Map Mode

The Introductions of Map Mode

The differences between map mode and classic mode are that the tiles of map mode are not fixed rectangle and won't move automatically.

The score of map mode can't enter the top 10 board.
The map mode's initial lives and hints are both three times.
The map mode is changeable in images, tiles, backgrounds and music.
But only supports the images not larger than 40×40 pixels.

The Operations of Map Mode

Click the "Map" button in LinLink 5's main menu, you will enter the map mode's menu.
As shown in below picture:
LinLink 5 map mode menu
1. Restart
   Click to start from the first stage, the time limit of each stage is 200 seconds.
2. Continue(Last Game)
   If the game is closed or quitted normally, LinLink will save game progress automatically. Click this button to continue last game.
   If the game ends in failure, click this button to restart from first stage of the map mode.
3. Customize Maps
   You can modify or add some maps by our MapEdit. Please refer to Customize Maps
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