LinLink 5

Network Mode

The Introductions of Network Mode

The network mode is similar to the map mode. However, in the network mode, two players can play LinLink online together, and can chat in voice at the same time.

The score of network mode can't enter the top 10 board.
The network mode's initial lives and hints are both three times.
The network mode is changeable in images, tiles, backgrounds and music.
Similar to the map mode, network mode only supports the images not larger than 40├Ś40 pixels.

The Operations of Network Mode

Click the "Network" button in LinLink5's main menu, you will enter newwork mode.
The operation steps are:
1. Start server
   If you want to become the server player, click the "Start Server" button.
   As shown in below picture:
LinLink 5 network mode menu
2. Client connect to the Server
   The server player tells the server IP address to the client player, then the client player input the server IP address under the "Input Server IP:".
   Click "Start Client", LinLink will connect to the server automatically.
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