LinLink 5

Theme Mode

The Introductions of Theme Mode

Theme mode is the most interesting mode in LinLink 5, you can choose the theme you are interested in.
Moreover, you can customize themes by yourself. Such as a theme for your family, a album for your fondest star, or a theme for your pets, etc.

The score of theme mode can't enter the top 10 board.
The theme mode's initial lives and hints are both ten times.
The theme mode is not always changeable in images, tiles, backgrounds and music. (Defined by different themes)

The Operations of Theme Mode

Click the "Theme" button in LinLink 5's main menu, you will enter the theme mode's menu.
As shown in below picture:
LinLink 5 Theme Mode Menu
1. Choose a theme
   Hover mouse over different windows in theme mode, different theme hints will appear. Click the window to enter the theme.
   If there is a hint of "Not yet downloaded", click the window to download the theme automatically.

2. Next page
   If there are more than five themes, a "Next" button will appear, click it to enter next theme menu.
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