LinLink 5

Frequently Asked Questions

I have installed LinLink, but it can't run normally, a black window flashing by.
1. Make sure you have installed DirectX 8.1 or above and correct graphics driver.
Hint: Click and input "Start->Run->Dxdiag->OK", you can know the version of DirectX.
2. Make sure the "Hardware Accelerating" is moved to "Full".
Hint: Desktop->Right Click->Properties->Settings->Advanced->Troubleshoot
3. Click the "Display" tab in dxdiag program, make sure "DirectDraw Acceleration" and "Direct3D Acceleration" is enabled.
Hint: Click "Test DirectDraw" and "Test Direct3D" to know your computer's DirectX functionality.

How to increase the FPS of LinLink?
Generally, you can play LinLink smoothly at 60 FPS or above, but when FPS is below 30, you may feel the game not smooth enough.
LinLink can reach 30 FPS in the PC (Celeron 533/Memory 192M/Graphics TNT2 32M), which was bought in 2000.
Following operations can increase LinLink's FPS:
1. Run LinLink, click "Options", check whether the "Max FPS" is too low or not.
2. Close other programs with high CPU usage.
3. Play LinLink in full screen mode.

How can I get life or hint bonus during playing LinLink?
1. You will be awarded one life and one hint when passing every stage.
2. You will be awarded one hint when fifteen combo, one life when twenty-five or forty combo and one second after ten combo each.

Why can't I enter the top 10 board when I have enough score?
Only classic mode's score can probably enter the top 10 board, because theme mode and map mode can be customized by yourselves.

Still have other problems?
1. Visit our support forum to find help.
2. Send a email to us.
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