LinLink 5

Game Tips

Use Fewer Shuffles(F7)
In LinLink, the number of shuffles is equal to the number of lives.
Using shuffle too more will lead to game over because the game runs out of lives.

Score More Combos
Combos not only let you get higher score, but also give you some bonuses
Such as time bonus, hint bonus and life bonus.

Use Hints(F5) More Often
Don't waste time when you can't find out tiles to eliminate.
Don't hesitate to use hints when you reach certain combos, because sometimes one hint can exchange one life/shuffle.

Start LinLink From Easy Level
Because you can accumulate a lot of bonuses and experience in easy level.

Don't Get Tired With LinLink
It is bad for eyesight and easy to fail when you feel tired.
Just press "Pause" and have a rest.

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